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        About Us
        Talent Strategy

        Talent Strategy essence : Talent is a strategic resource .
        Talent strategy is train people, attractive people use to discover people .
        Talent strategy is thinking about the future , focusing on the promotion of sustainable human development , the role of long-term development .

        GREAT as living in the era of a big change in today's small business , always facing fierce competition and unpredictable risks , which determines GREAT development must adhere to the "people-oriented " and take the "talent enterprise" of the road.

        GREAT implementation of the " prospering enterprise " strategy fundamental purpose is to bring talent as a key factor in promoting the development of enterprises , and strive to cultivate , attract and explore all kinds of talents to build a large scale , reasonable structure , high the quality of the personnel, expertise and resources to create a new situation , and vigorously enhance core competitiveness of enterprises .

        GREAT GREAT enterprise talent strategy is an important part of development strategy is about the human resources development of the overall plan , the general idea . GREAT talent strategy includes two meanings:

        First, focus on in-house training and explore all kinds of talents , and comprehensively improve the basic quality of human resources , by improving the competitiveness of talent , enhance the comprehensive strength and market competitiveness.

        The second is focused outside the enterprise recruit talent , as I used